Microwave Popcorn

March 1, 2012


In the last month, I've heard a little internet buzz about making microwave popcorn.  I am pretty sure that I was the last person on earth to finally try making some, but just in case you are actually the last person, here is how you do it. 

Find a paper bag.  The best size to use is the medium size that you get from the bakery when you buy a pastry (mine measures about 14" x 7").  The lunch size is just a little too small, and the grocery store size is a bit big (although you could totally still use it).  But do yourself a favour a buy a pastry from your local bakery so you'll have the perfect bag.  And you only need one bag.  I've used mine a handful of times and it still works great.   

Dump 1/4 cup of regular popping corn into your bag and fold down the top.


Put it into your microwave and push the 'popcorn' button.  If your microwave doesn't have one, like my parent's model from the early 80's that still works, cook on high until the popping slows down (more than 3 seconds between pops).   

And that is it.  The result is perfectly popped, light and fluffy popcorn.

I feel a little like I've been lied to by the makers of store-bought microwave popcorn.  I used to think that you needed a special bag, or that the 'oil' was necessary, but it turns out that all you need is regular popping corn and a paper bag.

The only thing missing is the chemical taste from whatever they add, and for me this is the best part.  Now you are free to salt, butter, flavour, or just eat your popcorn plain. 

Have you tried doing this yet? 

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