The Cradle is Finally Finished!

March 20, 2012

Remember this?

Well, I am finally ready to share my finished cradle.

Okay, the cradle has actually been done for awhile, but I haven't posted about it for a few reasons.  First, my room has been a mess and I haven't had the chance to clean and then take pictures of the cradle next to my bed.  Oh, and the baby has hardly slept in it since she prefers to be held.  All the time.  The light has also been pretty bad since winter in New England is cloudy.

But luckily, Spring is here (and baby girl is starting to figure out how to stay asleep without me holding her)!  Anyone else excited?  About Spring I mean, although I don't mind you sharing my excitement that I can occasionally put my baby down.

Honestly, there isn't a great transformation since it started white and ended white.  But it's a clean lead-free white, so I'm pretty excited about it.  I really love to use white in our house, partially because we have always lived in really small spaces, and white helps things not look too heavy and crowded.

And the mattress is new.  I bought  a piece of 1" foam from Joann's (with a coupon because foam is really expensive), and cut it to fit the bottom.  I also sewed up a zippered waterproof mattress cover and a few sheets for it.

I actually felt rather clever when I made the sheets because they are sure to stay on with their  boxed corners, and two pieces of elastic across the back.   

So there you go.  A clean white cradle for the new baby girl.  


Becca said...

Hooray Carlee! Success on all fronts! And I agree about sewing sheets--they fit and stay on so much better.

Tracy said...

Nice work Carlee! You make amazing things!

The Taylors said...

I love the finished product! Looks professional, and I love the sheets you made. Good design :)

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