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November 8, 2011

In case you've been dying to know what I've been doing in my 'spare' time, let me assure you it's not exciting.  I am STILL stripping paint off my cradle.  I've given up getting the paint off the flat surfaces and am just planning on sanding those smooth, but that's not an option for the spindles.  Yesterday, after a few hours of work, I think I'm finally done the spindles.  I think they will need a light sanding with some fine sandpaper, but I'm done worry about the paint chunks.

It's lucky that I don't mind mindless fiddly tasks, since this project has taken me FOREVER, and I'm not even done yet!  The other good news is that the weather has been unusually awesome.  Apart from that crazy pre-Halloween snow storm, it's been warm enough (and not raining) to be outside during the afternoons.  I know I'm living on borrowed time (and it could get cold and wet any day now), and I hope to be finished the cradle this week.   

Kid 1 was outside with me yesterday, and after looking at the cradle, he said "look, there's wood in there".  That was encouraging.  Yes, under all those layers of paint, there is in fact wood in there. 

There, see the wood?
Are you dying to see the finished product?  Me too.  Any painting tips before I embark on that stage? My plan right now is to use spray paint.  I'm thinking of priming it with Kilz and then doing the whole thing white.  Nothing fancy, but I'm going for classic with this one.


Erica said...

I would definitely use Kilz. That stuff is awesome. I know when we used spray paint it is important to remember that it is better to use multiple thin coats as opposed to a few thick coats. I am excited to see how it looks all done!

PTK Designs said...

A good way to sand your spindles is to use cheapy emery boards. I pick up a large pack at the dollar store. They work really well and are disposable and cheap!
If your spray paint can has one of the small spray nozzles invest in one of the trigger spray adapters. They snap on your can and are oh so better for your fingers. You can find them at most hardware stores and I have even seen them at Walmart. I am sure your cradle will be beautiful.

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