Wrapping Paper Covered Canvas

November 21, 2011

When my daughter was born last year, I was given some very nice gifts.  Some of those gifts were wrapped so beautifully with cute, cute wrapping paper.  I think gift wrapping is almost a lost art, and I admire those who take the time to wrap presents.  (I'm usually the gift bag sort.)  I hated to throw out that beautiful wrapping paper, so instead used it as an inexpensive room decoration.

I bought a three-pack of cheapy canvas boards from the dollar store.  Next, I cut the wrapping paper out in a rectangle shape that was slightly smaller than the canvas.  Finally, I glued it on with white glue, covering the entire front and back of the wrapping paper.  When it was dry, I attached it to the wall in my daughter's room.    Ta-da!  A cheap, easy, and sentimental room decoration.

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