Taco Buns

November 4, 2011

I don't know about you, but lunch is my least favourite meal of the day.  Breakfast is easy - we eat porridge, or on special days, something fun like pancakes, french toast or muffins.  Supper is okay, I try to plan things out in advance, and usually get it made while my baby is napping.  That leaves lunch.  In the mornings, when my husband is rushing out the door, he begs me to help him get lunch ready.  At home, I get pretty tired of sandwiches, and never seem to have left-overs.

Sometimes I get my act together, and make and freeze ready to go lunch items.  Today was one of those days.  One of my favourite things to have on hand is taco buns.  This is just taco meat and cheese cooked inside of a bun (or dinner roll, if you prefer).  It is so tasty.  Truthfully, I think it tastes so good because my mom used to make it, and it reminds me of that.  (Although she also used to make pigs in a blanket, and hot dogs don't ever taste good to me.)

Taco Buns

1 recipe your favorite buns (I used this french bread rolls recipe with good success.  I use 1/3 whole wheat flour.)
1/2 lb. cooked ground beef seasoned with taco seasoning
1 c. grated cheddar cheese

1. Mix the bun dough.  Let rise 1 - 2 hours.
2. Cook and season beef.  Grate cheese.
3. Separate the dough out into 12-18 balls.  Flatten each ball.
4. Put 1 tablespoon meat, and 1 tablespoon cheese on each dough piece.  You don't want very much or your buns will leak.
5. Pinch bottoms closed and place on baking sheets pinched side down.
6. Cook at 400 F for 12-14 min. (or according to your favourite recipe directions).
7. When buns are cooled, separate and freeze in a ziplock bag.

I like to do this in the morning, because then you can eat the fresh buns for lunch.  They are yummy.  If you are a vegetarian (like Carlee), I think you could make these with just cheese, seasoned black beans, or another meat subsitute.

What do you do for lunches?  Any brilliant ideas to share?

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Katie and Van said...

I'm right there with you---I have yet to find the lunch solution. If there aren't leftovers, I'm clueless. The buns sound great! You could do any number of delicious fillings :) I'll have to give them a try.

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