Halloween in New England

November 1, 2011

This year we had a crazy snowstorm over the weekend, and we had a white Halloween.  I grew up in Canada, so this wasn't my first time to trick-or-treat with snow on the ground, but it was a pretty big deal around here.  That and the fact that lots of towns are completely without power (which means no heat and for the rural folk, no water either).

We were lucky, and didn't have any problems with power, so we have been loving playing in the snow.  And I have to admit that it was kind of nice to get the kids all bundled up under their costumes to take them out for their candy collecting.  It was a little nostalgic for me (not so much for Mr. Carlee who grew up in Texas).   

My boys dressed up as a fireman and his dog (a dalmatian), and as soon as I get some good light around here I'll be taking some pictures to show you what I made (and didn't) for their costumes. 

I hope everyone had a safe, and fun, and warm Halloween this year.  My boys had their first experience trick-or-treating, and they are already talking about going again next year!

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