March 3, 2012

It feels like winter will never end.  Does any one else have that feeling?  Maybe it's because I just moved to Alberta from Ontario where now the winter is a bit longer and a bit colder.  To trick myself into thinking that winter is over, I have been eating summer food.  You know, like barbecuing when it is -40 outside.

One of my favorite summer foods is chimol, a recipe I got from my friends Amanda and Fernando.  Fernando is from El Salvador, where chimol is a staple.  Chimol is made of radishes, tomatoes and cilantro.  It is often eaten with meat, but I love it as a fresh salsa.  (It tastes great with Carlee's sweet potato burritos.)  Chimol tastes just like summer to me, because I made it all the time in the summer when my tomatoes and radishes were in full force.  Even if you are not a radish fan (which I am not!), I urge you to try it, you won't be disappointed!


1 Tomato, chopped
7 Small Radishes, chopped
Some Red onion, to taste
Some Cilantro, slightly chopped
Some Salt and Pepper
2 Limes
  1. Chop and mix ingredients together
  2. Refrigerate first, or serve immediately

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