Mailboxes and Letters: Developing Literacy Skills

March 14, 2012

The mailbox game is a perennial favourite at my house. 

Do you know this game? 

First, you make a mailbox.  Our current version was made out of an old box, stickers, paper and packing tape.  It is hanging on the door knob inside the front door.  I've also made mailboxes out of plastic containers, paper, and well - anything we could find at the time in the recycling bin.

Next, you write letters!  Or draw pictures, make cards, write love notes, or scribble on scrap paper - whatever you're in the mood for.  My kids have really gotten into this.  My one year old is very serious about her creative process. 

Finally, you check the mail!  If you are four, you'll check the mail all the time.  And, if you're four and have put a letter in the mailbox for someone else, you'll make sure that they check the mail as soon as a letter gets put in there.  Mail is pretty exciting, after all.

Today when my daughter and I left for preschool, my husband was still at home.  As soon as we got home, my four year old checked the mail.  She had mail and was so excited about it! 

Letter writing is a great way to work on literacy skills.  My four year old dictates long letters, and writes short notes by herself.  She also draws pictures and decorates things.  My one year old is working on using pencils and crayons to make marks on the page.

Letters are also a nice way to show people that you care.  There is something so special about opening the mailbox and seeing a handwritten letter, just for you.  A mailbox inside the home is just right for getting that instant gratification.

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