Homemade Slime

February 25, 2012

I am always on the look out for something that will engage my four year old, and perhaps give me a few minutes to go to the bathroom alone.  A few weeks ago, I was at a friend's house and she had made some slime for her kids.  (Slime can also be called goop, gak, flubber, etc.)  The stuff was awesome, it was just the push that I needed to make it at home.

Slime is an awesome tactile experience.  It is easy to make and super cheap.  My daughter and I had so much fun mixing the ingredients together and watching the slime take shape.  My recipe uses just a bottle of white glue, and a teeny bit of Borax.  Be warned: this is only really appropriate for kids who are old enough to not put things in their mouth, or touch the slime and then put their hands in their mouth.  You also need to be careful when using around wood or carpet as it may stain. 

Homemade Slime

1. Mix 8 oz. white glue with 1 c. warm water.  Add a few drops of food colouring.
2. Mix 1 t. borax with 1/2 c. warm water.
3. Mix the glue and borax together.  It will seem too watery at first, but it will thicken up and be an awesome consistency in just a few moments.

We've had fun using the following with slime: shells, stones, jewels, playdough toys, plastic toys, cutting toys, and little cups for making "food."  Slime makes a great little birthday present, too.  Chez Beeper Bebe has a fun printable for monster slime that will now be part of my go-to gift for little boys. 

Have you made slime before?  What are some fun tools to use with it?


El said...

I used to love playing with slime when I was a kid. Looks like fun.

Essence Robinson said...


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