On My Fridge

February 16, 2012

Whenever I go to a friend's house, one of the first things I want to check out is the outside of their fridge.  I think that the way a fridge looks can tell you a lot about someone. 

My mother-in-law, for example, keeps the front of her fridge totally cleared off.  The side that is exposed is reserved for a calendar, and a few carefully selected items (like pictures of her grand kids).

My mom, on the other hand, has a pretty full front of fridge.  It is as packed as can be - her motto is "there is always room for something else."

So, where do I fall?  I think somewhere in the middle.  Do you want to see?

The bottom half of my fridge is totally empty, because I have a toddler who likes to empty things.  The top half has some carefully selected items, pictures of loved ones, and some current kid artwork. 

I love the blogging world for keeping me organized and current.  My Meal Planner comes from ollibird.com, via How About Orange.  I printed it off, laminated it, and use it all the time.  I have also made lots for friends and family members. 

At lets-explore.net, I found a series of Ways to Play lists for each month of the year.  I printed them off all at once, keep them in a file, and stick a new list up on the fridge each month.  They are great lists for those what to do? moments, and are good for a range of ages.

The Job Planner is my own handiwork.  I used to have a list that I hand wrote on a piece of scrap paper, but since I look at it all of the time, I decided that I should make it a bit more official looking.   You can download your own weekly job chart here.   Again, I just printed it off, laminated, and write with dry erase or washable markers.

I've separated my to-do's into work and fun stuff.  There are the weekly household type chores, and then the activities that I do with my girls.  I don't do any housework on Sundays (and sometimes not on other days either!), so I've got my job chart divided into just six days. 

So, what about you?  What do you have on your fridge?  Any helpful finds from the blogging world, or other things you find indispensible?  Or maybe you are the type who likes a clear fridge? 

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