Love Bags

January 18, 2012

The other day, my four year old suggested that we take some bags, put ornaments into them, and open one each morning.  (This was sounding very similar to my advent bags from Christmas.)  I wanted to support her idea (you can read my guest post on The Artful Parent to hear more about my philosophy on supporting kids' original ideas).  I suggested that instead of putting Christmas ornaments inside of the bags, we could put little presents for her Daddy.  She loved this idea, and immediately declared: "Yes!  And let's call them love bags because they'll be about how much we love Daddy!"

We decided to make ten bags, and put little drawings, candy and other surprises inside of each bag.  (When I was sewing the advent bags, I knew they could be multi-purpose!)  I made ten new labels for the bags to make them look less Christmas-y and more Love Bag-ish. 

My daughter is beyond excited to open a bag each morning with her Daddy.  She knows what is inside, and what's inside isn't that exciting (a stick of gum, or a stuffed Christmas bear, for example), but she is still so excited. 

Do you want to make your own Love Bags?  Check out my advent bags post, and then adapt for love.  I think it would be a really sweet thing to do for your husband, boyfriend, kids, etc.  You could write things you love about the person, put chocolates, or maybe even make little date certificates.  I would be excited to open a Love Bag every morning in the two weeks leading up to Valentine's Day.  Maybe if I give really big hints, someone will do it for me?  (Mr. Emily, are you reading this?)


Katie and Van said...

Love the love bad idea! Super cute--I'll have to snag it. I also really like your felt heart wreath. Did you make it? Do you have a tutorial or link? :)

Nancy said...

Loving the love bags AND the wreath. I've read up on a couple felt wreaths lately and love your Valentine version--very cute!

polkadotumbrella said...

I love the idea of doing this for Valentines! My little gal would love to make and do things to put in the bags for her Dad. Thanks.

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