Fabric Party Crowns

January 26, 2012

The other day, my 4 year old declared: "It is 10 days until Daphne's birthday!"  Daphne is her much loved baby doll.  (Last year I made a book about her and posted it here.)  Baby doll Daphne is an important part of our family, so it made sense that we should throw her a birthday party.  (In other words, a glorified playdate.)  We invited a few friends and their baby dolls to come, and I thought we would be set.

Not so.

Apparently, a crucial part of any baby doll's birthday party are party hats.  And, according to my 4 year old, they can't be party hats made from paper, because those break.  We needed to sew fabric hats. 

Lucky for me, and baby doll Daphne, I had just inherited about 40 yards of pink cotton from my mother-in-law.  Also, lucky for us, I had just seen a felt party crown in the book The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule.  Her felt party crown was easy enough to adapt and make out of cotton.

I originally intended to make just a crown for baby doll Daphne and her mommy, but soon realized that the crown was awesome, and all of the party guests would like one.  In total, I made six hats, including the ones for younger sibling tag alongs.  (I drew the line at making one for each of their baby dolls too.)

This was a fun sewing project, and I am happy to do something special for my daughter.  It is also fun to give a little gift to my friends' kids.  What do you think though?  Is sewing party crowns for a baby doll's birthday party going too far?  Call me crazy!


Becca said...

I think that sewing party crowns for a baby doll's party is super, super sweet! Your daughter will never forget it!

Katie and Van said...

I don't think it's going to far--I think it means that you are an awesome mama! May I have the same attitude when fabric crowns are requested for my Daphne's baby's birthday :)

elisabeth moyer said...

Found you via your artfulparent post... and I am quite smitten! I have a very special Aunt Mary Frances who inspires me just as your grandmother did. Looking forward to following your blogging journey!

The Taylors said...

It was a total hit! I love the crowns! It was that special touch that made the day extra fun. She will never forget it! And neither will I, that is why I couldn't stop taking so many pictures! Thanks for the awesome play date!

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