Keeping my Kids Busy this Winter

January 10, 2012

After a few glorious weeks of sun and warm weather, today is finally feeling like Winter.  While I do try and leave the house every day, it is just too cold to be spending much time outside.  The constant challenge is how to entertain my kids all day long (especially on those days when we are at home without a car, and my husband doesn't arrive until bedtime).

I always get inspiration from what others are doing, so I thought that some of you might enjoy seeing what we've been doing to pass the time.

Art, Art, Lots of Art


It's always fun to create.  Today we tried painting on the window.  To make your own window paint, mix tempera paint with a bit of dish soap.

For our front windows, we made some cute snowmen out of coffee filters and paper.

Sew Something

The other day when I was over at my friend's house, she made this adorable stuffed owl for my daughter.  My friend cut out the fabric, and I sewed it up.  My daughter loves it.

Sensory Activities

My daughter loves doing transfer activities.  For example, rice from one bowl to another, water with a turkey baster, or cotton balls with tongs.

Build a Fort

Do you have a lot of cardboard kicking around?  We always seem to.  Our house is currently home to a large cardboard "palace."  We decorated with stickers and even put a crib mattress and blankets inside.


We are currently monopolizing a library DVD called Yoga for Families.  I also checkout the Yoga Kids DVDs quite often.  Even though we can't go outside and run around, we can at least move.

Interested in more things to do with your kids?  Check out my Fun Jar list from last year.

What are you doing to keep sane?


Katey said...

We bake, read stories, and I've been teaching Briggy how to finger knit. Have you checked out the book "Unplugged Play"? It's chock-full of great ideas. Also check out any books by Amanda Blake Soule. I think you'd really like her books. I used her idea of making the kids homemade sewing cards and they've been a big hit!

Emily said...

Unplugged play? Sounds right up my alley! I'm totally checking both that and the Soule books out. Thanks for the tip.

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