My Family Recipe Book

May 1, 2012

A few years ago, Mr. Emily decided to make a Family Recipe Book.  He spent hours going through cook books and my messy recipe file folder, typing up our family's favourite recipes.  I thought that this was a COMPLETE waste of time.  We already had them all written down!  I knew exactly which place to go to to get what I wanted.  I was quite annoyed at the fact that he was wasting time typing up recipes, and that he was forcing me to choose which ones I wanted to have included.

Well, fast-forward a few years - I love our Family Recipe Book!  Other than the Internet for new ideas, it is the only place I go to when searching for a recipe.  I might as well get rid of the rest of my cook books, for all that I use them.  I love having all of my recipes in one place, and another added bonus of having them all typed up, is that they are ready to email to friends, and are saved online, so can be accessed from anywhere.  Thank-you, Mr. Emily!  It actually wasn't a waste of time!

Every other year, the recipe book gets an overhaul.  Recipes that aren't used are deleted, and new favourites typed up and added in.  Between editions, I hand write my favourite new recipes in the margins and on back-sides of the pages.  I also love being able to write notes to myself about specific recipes: how to modify them, what I've tried, and warnings or tips. 

So, what about you?  How do you organize your favourite recipes?  Do you do it online?  Do you have a folder, a recipe book collection, or just one favourite book?  I'd love to hear what you do!

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Carina said...

This is a great idea! I don't have one but after reading this post I started a list in hopes of making one in the upcoming future. I actually impressed myself with how many things I actually make on a regular basis....who knew I was that good!? :)

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