May 28, 2012

Hello friends!  I know I've been really absent around here, but there has been lots of life happening at my house.  Things have been busy, and I know most of you can relate.  I've been babysitting extra (I watch a friend's son a few afternoons a week for extra cash), and Mr. Carlee has been doing lots of grading and working on research.  I know I haven't talked much about what he does, but he's a graduate student in Political Science, and he actually just received two master's degrees earlier this week (on the way to getting a PhD).  Go Mr. Carlee!

Kid 2 also decided that it was time to start using the potty, and I was happy to help him master it.  I made a previous (and very unsucessful) attempt last fall, but this time he was ready and it went well.  Is there anything cuter than a two year old in a pair of underwear?  

And now for true confession time.  I haven't really felt like I can quite catch up on life since my baby was born.  And that was over five months ago.  There are lots of things that I was hoping to have under control by now, but I'm not quite there.  For example, I've worked out exactly once since she was born.  I'm just too tired.  I know that exercise will actually give you energy, but since she rarely goes longer than 3 hours between feeding (and I'm the food source), I'm just not up to it.  My laundry is also still in piles (dishes too).

Oh, and this is an un-staged picture of my living space.  Can you spot the baby?  I know I've mentioned before that I live in a small apartment, and here you have the living room/playroom/dining room/entry way/office.  Just in case you feel like everyone online has a much fancier life than you do, I'm pretty sure I don't.  The bottom edge of the picture just barely doesn't include my small dining table, and the room extends just enough to the left to fit an armchair.  This was a little crazy, but not completely unheard of.  Actually it doesn't look that much different right now if I'm being honest.

But, in exciting life news, we are moving to a bigger apartment in a month!  We will be doubling our public living space, and the third bedroom in going to become a dedicated playroom.  I'm so excited about it!  I'll be sure and share the space and some of the projects we have planned for it after we move in July.   

I've actually been sewing a little too.  Mostly soother (pacifier straps), and quilt blocks.  Yes, you heard right, quilt blocks.  I recently finished a twin sized sampler quilt (top) and I'm excited to share it.  I just need to photograph it. 

And just in case you think I'm complaining about any or all of this (if you are still reading that is), let it be know that life is good.  It's full, and I can't quite manage to squeeze in everything I want to do,  and I sometimes feel a little steam-rolled at the end of the day, but it's so good too.

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