Greek Red Lentil Soup

May 11, 2012

Hello again friends!  I'm just popping in again to share a favourite recipe with everyone.  I love to eat soup, but sometimes I have a hard time selling it on the whole family.  My husband is a pretty good sport, but he doesn't love smooth soups, and sometimes the little people will only eat a few spoonfuls.  But not so with this super delicious Greek Red Lentil Soup.  Mr. Carlee loves it, and says that unlike other soups where he get's bored of eating it after one bowl, he can keep eating and eating this kind.  And the best news is that the ultra-picky two-year old will eat it.  And ask for seconds. 

I was introduced to this recipe by my younger sister Kim, when she made it for our family a few years ago during our Christmas vacation.  It's from a fabulous cookbook, Rebar: Modern Food Cookbook.  I know we are kind of leaving the cookbook era, but this is one cookbook that I love and use all the time.  If I'm ever looking for something tasty to eat, I flip through this one and choose something.  It's kind of hippy/girl food, with lots of vegetarian and vegan options.  Just my kind of food. 

Since this recipe is published in a cookbook that I love and want to support, I'm not going to type up the recipe here.  But, I found it typed up on a few different websites.  Here is a version that is easy to read. 

This soup is so good with a hot loaf of my easy to make whole wheat bread.  And although soup is nice to eat in the winter, I love it just as much on a rainy spring day (or any day for that matter).  Oh, and other good news, is that it's healthy and really inexpensive to make.   Red lentils are so cheap you can splurge on the fresh herbs (especially the rosemary) without feeling guilty.     

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