Decorating Laminated Pictures

May 3, 2012

Our family has been laughing and laughing at this super simple, super silly activity.

Original pictures by the lovely Laura.

Take a picture. 
Laminate it. 
Decorate with dry-erase or washable markers. 
Laugh and laugh. 

At first, I just printed and laminated pictures of my children, but Kid 1 liked this activity so much, that I added pictures of me and Mr. Emily to our collection.  I think that there's something about being allowed to draw all over a picture that is so fun.  I'm allowing the forbidden!

If you want to make your own laminated pictures to decorate, look for pictures that have simple backgrounds that are light in colour.  I hope that you have as fun much with this as we are having!


Carlee said...

My boys saw this and said, "when can we do that". Maybe tomorrow... This is pretty awesome.

glister barb said...

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