Sisters Trip to NYC

September 20, 2011

I'm taking a break from showing you my sewing projects (I promise I have a bunch of refashions to share soon) to get a little more personal.  Last week my sister Emily (of the blog) came to visit me.  Since we graduated from college, we have only been able to get together at most once or twice a year.  Now that we live across the continent from each other again (she's in Alberta, Canada, and I live in New England), I have a feeling our visits will be even less frequent.  But, last week she came to stay for a few days all by herself.  It was so fun to have her visit us (we love her kids and husband too, but it was a real treat to have her all to ourselves), and we packed in quite a few fun adventure.

The highlight of her visit was an overnight trip to NYC.  We took the train into the city on Friday morning and the trip passed quickly as we chatted away.

Our first stop after arriving at Grand Central Station was our hotel, and then we headed over to the UN to walk around outside.  After this, we hopped on a subway down to the Brooklyn Bridge, where we walked past Ground Zero, and admired the statue of liberty from a distance.

Our walk back to the bridge took us past City Hall and all the beautiful buildings in the area.  We were feeling energetic and walked all the way across the bridge, and then headed up to the Shake Shack on 77th for a late lunch. This is one of the great places in NYC to grab a quick lunch.  The portebella mushroom burger is awesome!

Our next stop was the Metropolitan Museum of Art via a stroll across Central Park.  If you are going to NYC, be sure to visit the Met.  Even if you only have an hour to spend, it's so fabulous, and since you pay what you want, you don't feel like you need to stay all day to justify the entrance fee.  And if nothing else, the view from the roof is worth the trip.

Since we were in the mood for museums, we walked over to the MOMA next.  On Friday nights, Target sponsors a free event from 4-8 pm, so that made it a great time for us to visit.  It's been a while since I've spent this much time at museums, and it reminded me of the days when Emily and I were in Vienna together for a semester of college and we went to LOTS of museums all over Austria, and Northern Italy.

After a yummy and affordable dinner (we both ate for $18 total including tip) at Pam Real Thai in Hell's Kitchen, we headed back to our hotel (we used Priceline to get a great deal by booking on Thursday).  After a full day of walking all over Manhattan, I was one tired pregnant lady!  But luckily the next morning I was ready to do it all again.

On Saturday morning we took the Subway down to Canal street and walked up Greene street in SoHo.  While walking up this sleepy street (everything was closed when we walked by just before 10am) we stumbled across this bike.  I can't imagine how much time this took someone to crochet.  It was such an unexpected find that I had to take a picture!

Our wanderings took us through Greenwich Village, and then east towards Union Square.  Here we stopped for lunch at Num Pang Sandwich.  This is another place that I would highly recommend.  We've both been to NYC a few times and have seen all the big sites, so this Saturday was all about checking out cool looking neighbourhoods, eating yummy and inexpensive food, and spending time together.  Oh, and of course we had to spend a little time in the garment district as well.  

Just like last time I visited, I had a hard time finding Mood Fabrics, but we were glad we made it.  For all you Project Runway fans out there, this is a must see in NYC.  It's huge, but actually feels a lot smaller and more cramped than it looks on TV.  But they really do have everything there.  There are walls full of ribbons all arranged by colour and width.

And did I mention ribbons?

All the leather that you could ever need in every shade, weight, and type.

Unfortunately, soon after our wanderings through the garment district, Emily had to catch the train to Newark to fly back home.  I wish she lived closer so that we could do these kid-free sister visits more often.  Especially if they take us to NYC!  Even though it was a fast visit, and we spent just barely more than a day in the city, it was the perfect way to end a very lovely visit. 

I've been thinking that we should have more regular sister visits (maybe we will be able to get together with our other sisters and sister-in-laws next time).  What do you do with your sisters when you get together?  And what do you like to see in NYC?  I'm always looking for someplace fabulous (and cheap) to eat when we are in for the day.  Any recommendations?

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