Bunny Buns

April 5, 2012

In just a few hours, my family is headed out of town for the long weekend.  (Yay for long weekends!  And yay for actually living within driving distance of family for the first time in ten years!)

I wanted to write a quick post to wish you all a happy Easter, and to share a bit more of what we've been up to this week.  I had grand plans of making matching Easter dresses for my girls.  Since Carlee finally has her own girl to sew for this Easter, I thought I should take on the project for my own kids myself.  I cut out the fabric for one of the dresses, and that's about as far as I got.  Oh well, they'll be finished someday, or not. 

One thing that I did actually get around to completing this week was to make a batch of Bunny Buns.  Bunny Buns are simply dinner rolls or buns, shaped like bunnies.  My four year old had so much fun rolling out the dough, making shapes and adding eyes and other features.

I used my favourite dinner roll recipe, and when it came time to shape them, we made bunny shapes instead.  We added raisins and cloves for eyes, nose, ears, etc, and then baked them as normal.

They are best straight out of the oven with a bit of honey butter.  Yum! 

The Easter Bunny already visited our house this morning, bringing a few small candies and some dollar store trinkets.  We plan to do more egg dying this weekend, and visit some baby chicks and bunnies as well.

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