Cherry Blossom Season

April 5, 2012

Remember how the first week of spring was not my favourite week?  Well, this week has been pretty lovely.  The weather is back to being beautiful, and yesterday we had the most lovely picnic lunch with friends after preschool.  I think I've mentioned before that we are doing another year of a home preschool co-op.  The theme for this week was "Peter and the Wolf", and the kids put on a very adorable puppet version.

But back to the cherry blossoms.  The neighbourhood has tons of gorgeous cherry trees.  This was our crew (the most adorable preschool bike gang) on our way from the park back to my friend's house.  I'm loving all the trees in bloom right now.  Spring is looking lovely this year!

Do you have any big plans for Easter?  I'm jealous that Emily will be spending hers with our family in our hometown.  Good thing I have the cherry trees to console me!  We have plans for an Easter Egg Hunt with friends at the beach, dinner, church (where Mr. Carlee and I are both singing in the choir and hoping that our children will all behave somehow) and family pictures surrounded by these beautiful pink blossoms.

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