Soft Rattle Tutorial

April 2, 2011

I am in the stage of giving baby gifts to many of my friends for their second or third baby.  I wouldn't consider sewing my strongest skill, but I still like to make something handmade for those little babies.  My go-to gift for any new baby is a baby toy.  Today I'm going to share with you a simple, easy and quick soft rattle toy that anyone can make (regardless of their sewing skills).

This is a soft taggy rattle that includes all of the elements that babies love:  a jingly noise, lots of colors and patterns, and lots of ribbon to chew on.  It also appeals to parents: it's handmade, you can never have too many small toys, and it's soft, so little babies won't bonk themselves in the face like they always do with plastic baby rattles.

This rattle is super simple to make, but to make it every easier for you, I've created a pattern that you can print and use.  Find it here

This toy will take you good sewers 15 minutes, maybe.  Those of us with less sewing skills may have to allot half an hour, tops.  Okay, set your timer, and let's get started.

Step One:

Trace and cut out the pattern.  You'll need 2 pieces 10" tall by 6" wide.  (You can see that I used some scrap paper to make my pattern piece.)

Step Two:

Pin 6 or so ribbon loops to the right side of one rattle piece.  The loops should be 3-4" long.  Don't forget to point the loopy side inward.

Step Three:

Pin the other rattle piece on top, right sides together.

Step Four:

Sew around the rattle, leaving 1/2" seam allowances.  Leave the bottom open.

Step Five:

Trim and turn.

Step Six:

Stuff your rattle.  Throw one or two jingle bells in.

Step Seven:

Sew ends closed.

Step Eight:

Enjoy your rattle!


Anonymous said...

Love this! I'll make it for Christmas gifts! Do you think its ok to wash with a bell inside in the washer and dryer?

luvthistuff said...

wonderful site very inviting great job!!!

Mrs. Neuby said...

This was so easy! I just finished mine with scrap fabric and ribbon lying around. I even used cut up pieces of scraps of fabric for the stuffing instead of fiberfill. I couldn't find my jingle bells so I put a couple marbles inside a plastic Easter egg that I taped shut and stuffed inside. I had to leave the opening at the top though instead.of the bottom to fit it inside. My little one (7 months) keeps conking himself on the head trying to see if different [hard] objects rattle. This will hopefully solve that! He also does love tags right now as well. I can't wait until he wakes up to see if he likes it!

Rachael said...

What are the final dimensions?

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