Paper Flower Crafts for Kids

April 21, 2011

Although it is officially spring, flowers are not yet blooming in my garden. Despite (or because of) the yucky weather outside, flowers have been the craft project of choice for the past few days. This week we made two different versions.

We made the tie-dyed flowers first.  Here's a simple how-to:
1. Start with a bunch of strips of white cardstock (mine were left-over from a different project). 

2. Use washable markers to color on both sides of the strips. 

3. Use a spray bottle to soak the paper strips with water.

4. Once the strips are dry, take three strips, and lightly fold each one in half (don't crease the paper).  Staple your three "petals" to another strip of green cardstock for a stem.  Repeat until your bouquet is complete!

The idea for the circle flowers came from the Made By Joel blog.  Click on over to the website to find his Standing Paper Flowers Craft.  Joel makes his with wire so they can stand alone.  (Super cool!)  I didn't have any wire, but thought some cardstock would do the trick.  The stems on my version use three strips of cardstock glued together for a strong stem, and two circles glued together for the flower middle.  (We sandwiched the stem between the two circles so it looks the same on both sides.)

I think these flowers thrown into a small vase or glass jar would be great as an easy Spring or Easter decoration for your little ones to create.  Hopefully the real kind of flowers will be appearing on my table soon, but until then, these paper ones look pretty cheerful too!

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