Oh What Can You Do in the Summertime?

May 26, 2011

If you're like me, I'm sure your summer will be pretty packed with vactions, visitors, beach days, and lots of outdoor playing.  I'm also pretty sure that not every day will be sunshine and roses - there will be some yucky weather, and bored kids (even if the weather is nice).  There are, however, a lot of great ideas out there in the blogging world that just may save you a time or two this summer.

We never tire of sidewalk chalk.  This picture is from last summer, my daughter and our next-door neighbor had fun tracing and then decorating their bodies.

I've complied a list that just scratches the surface - there are a million fun things that I could do this summer with my kids.  Here are a few ideas that I just may try:
  • Do some brainstorming.  It's helpful for me to have a list of great ideas that I can draw from.  Sew Dang Cute Crafts has a printable magnetic summer fun board on The Brassy Apple.  Teach Mamma shares a summer fun list that you can create with your kids.  The Crafting Chicks also have a lot of great summer fun lists here.  
Leftt Image via The Brassy Apple, Right Image via Teach Mamma
  • Water is alway entertaining.  Fill up a little pool, big bucket, or even give a kid a spray bottle and then let them play until soaked.  I love the idea of "painting" the house or sidewalk with water too.  

Sponges, containers and water are always fun (and not even messy outside).

 Don't forget about art!  The Artful Parent has a great printable for simple art activities.  The Long Thread has compiled a list of 50 handmade crafts for kids.

Left Image Via The Artful Parent, Right Image Via Lila-a-design

  • I was sent a link for these Preschool Packs.  These are some super cute printables for you to use with preschoolers in the event that they will actually sit still long enough this summer to do some school-readiness activities. 
Images via 1plus1plus1equals1
 Some other websites that I love for kid activities are tinkerlab.com and modern parents messy kids

Do any of you have any fun things that you like to do, or any great resources or websites that you recommend?  Please share!

No matter what you do this summer, make sure you get out and enjoy the outdoors with those you love!

My daughter and Carlee's little guy enjoying the great outdoors together this past week.

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