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May 13, 2011

If I were to liken myself to a character type on Project Runway, I can tell you who I would not be.  I would never be pegged as the "She's a good seamstress, but is she a designer?" type.  I guess if I had to label myself as a Project Runway character type, I would be the "she can't even sew and her designs are wacky" type.  Good thing I'm not on Project Runway, because I'm pretty sure I'd be voted off at the beginning of the season.  Anyway, my life is not Project Runway, or anything remotely like it.  When I sew, it is because I want to make something for myself, a member of my family (read: my kids) or someone who loves me enough to appreciate a labour of sewing love.

A few weeks ago, my three and a half year old daughter was playing dress up and suddenly needed a princess wand.  Rather than rushing out and buying one that was over priced and over commercialized, I thought, "okay, I can make you something."  This is the something that I came up with.

It was an easy-peasy sewing project for me, and is a well-loved toy for my little princess wannabe.  (As an aside, Disney or society or someone is SO GOOD at teaching my little child to love princess stuff.  It's not coming from me.  Is anyone else facing this challenge?  I really don't want my daughter to think she needs a princess bike, princess lunchbox, princess vitamins, princess bandaids... on and on.)  This toy works for me though because 1) it's handmade, 2) it was made with fabric scraps so it only cost me my time, and 3) it's soft and can't be used as an effective weapon.  My daughter loves it so much that we made another (wizard) wand for her little cousin to play with.

Here's how you can make your own toy to satisfy your little one's dress-up needs in four quick steps. 


2 - 2" x 14" fabric rectangles (Any type of fabric will work.  I used flannel for one wand and a mystery polyester for another.)
2 - felt star shapes (approximately 6" across)
embroidery thread
sewing machine thread

1. Make the handle.

Cut out the two fabric rectangles to be 2" x 14".  Pin right sides together, and sew a big "U" shape leaving the top end open.  I used about 1/4" seam allowances.  Turn the fabric right side out, and stuff.  You'll need a pencil or something long to stuff all the way to the bottom. 

2. Make the star.

Draw a free hand star shape (or print one from the computer if you are particular) that measures about 6" across.  Trace the star onto 2 pieces of felt, and cut it out.  Sew around the edges of the felt star, leaving the bottom 1 1/2" open.  Stuff the star.

3. Attach the two.

Jam the handle of the wand into the star part.  Use embroidery thread to sew the two together.  I went over a few times because I wanted it to be pretty secure.

4. Let the magic begin!

Your wand is ready!  Wasn't that simple?  Now you can teach your child a few magic spells, and you'll be set for life.  (One million wishes, granted!)

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