Post Mother's Day Post

May 10, 2011

Did all of you ladies have a lovely day on Sunday? I (mostly) did. The baby wasn't feeling well so my husband stayed home from church with him. So that left me and the three year old to go by ourselves. After all the kids sang in Church, which was adorable as always, he started burning up with a fever. As a result we left early. Both the kids were not feeling well all day, but my husband took care of them and still managed to make me waffles for breakfast and a very nice dinner (which I didn't have to plan or help much with). They mostly left me alone all day to be lazy, and I capitalized on this by reading and finishing David Copperfield.

One of the highlights though, was the Mother's Day gift that my three year old 'made'. We participate in a homeschool preschool coop, and last week my friend Heather had the kids at her house. On Wednesday he had a little white paper bag with a present inside for me. I waited until Sunday to open it, and inside was the sweetest little gift.

Next to the hand print is written my son's name and the year, but I edited out his name.

The kids picked out their favourite colour for the hand print (my son's is apparently pink right now) and my super talented and did I mention generous friend Heather did all the rest.  She is an amazing quilter, and hopefully soon I'll talk her into sharing with us for a Reader's Show Off post.  The finished potholder measures 9 3/4" square, and the hanging loop is 3.5" long.  I know I'll always treasure this, even after it's stained with years of dinner, and I'm logging it away in my brain for next year's Mother's Day gifts.

Happy (late) Mother's Day to all the women out there!


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