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October 20, 2011

This coming weekend, I am moving.  (Again.  Yes, I just moved in June, and am moving yet again.)  This means my sewing machine is packed up, and all other projects are on the back burner until I am settled in my new house.
So, instead of showing you what I've been up to (because I'm pretty sure pictures of me packing boxes is not that interesting), I'll share with you some of my favourite places that I look to for inspiration in the crafty and sewing world.  For me, I want to be inspired, but also feel like I see something that I could do at home.

Who doesn't love this blog?  (She has over 11,000 followers!)  I have made her circle skirt, and am planning on a happy day garland for my new space.  I feel like Made has projects at a range of levels and has a great aesthetic. 

My version of the circle skirt.
Mel's Kitchen Cafe

Let me tell you this blog is consistently good.  Always good.  Every single recipe.  The other day we had her Cowboy Dinner, and it was super tasty.  I also love her BLT Pasta. 
Simple Sewing for Baby

This is a book by Lotta Jansdotter that I checked out from the library over and over and over again.  The sewing projects are really simple, but also quite cute.  My favourites are the giraffe rattle, and book mates.

I love these book mates as a fun addition to my kid's bedroom.

The Artful Parent

This blog really jiives with my philosophy that art for kids is about the process not the product.  She also does a great job of bringing the natural world into art projects.  Some of my favourite Artful Parent posts are fabric postcards and the pocket dress

My Artful Parent-esque Apple Prints.


So, what about you?  Please share a few of your favourite sources of inspiration.

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