Fall Leaf Art

October 13, 2011

I think that Fall is my favourite season.  Today, when I was outside raking leaves with my girls, my four year old stopped me mid-rake and said "Mom!  Look right now!  It's so beautiful.  All of the leaves are dancing around."  She was right - it was beautiful.  In addition to admiring dancing leaves, my daughter also loves to collect leaves.  After collecting tons of "really special leaves," I usually wonder what to do with them all.  The answer of course, is to make leaft art!

I think sometimes simple is best. 

Here's what you need to do to make your own leaf art:

1. Collect a lot of leaves. 

 2. Use white glue to stick the leaves onto construction paper.

3. You're done! 

I think that was the simplest art project ever.  Does anyone have any other brilliant ideas for using up a leaf collection?

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Chuck Stevens said...

This is definitely a great idea, I really think my daughter would enjoy making leaf art. Fall is my favorite season and I always love being outside in the brisk air and smell of wood stoves burning. This year she was finally old enough to come out and "help" me with the leaf collection (aka jump in the piles I made!). She really had a lot of fun and I caught her sneaking some of her favorite leaves inside. Leaf art seems like a great idea for next year!

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