September Thrift Store Finds

October 1, 2012

Happy October everyone!  Now that I have one child gone all day at school, I'm back to my regular thrift store route.  I went a little over the summer, but taking three kids to a thrift store is not my idea of fun.  Two seems much easier somehow.

I had some sucess finding some new shirts and pants for me, but my best finds were for my kids (of course).

A few years ago I saw a Stokke Tripp Trapp chair at the Saver's, but I decided not to buy it.  I've had a little bit of thrifter's remorse ever since then.  Especially since Kid 2 refuses to sit on a booster seat at the table, and he could use the extra height to reach his food.  Lucky for me I found another one last week for only $5.  Yippee!  Kid 2 loves his new chair, and thinks it's so cool that it is shaped like an upside down '7'.

Can you see my sewing table at the back of my dining room.  I love the new arrangement.
I also picked up this pretty Vera scarf from the Salvation Army.  I love that place so much.  I paid $1, and it's so pretty.  I'm slowly building a nice little Vera collection of scarfs, hankerchiefs, and napkins.


This last find was actually something I bought years ago at a DI when we lived in Utah.  It was one of those baby girl things that I had to buy even though I had no idea if I'd ever have a little girl to wear it.


I love the new tags.  It's funny how some things like food were much cheaper years ago, but prices for clothes haven't changed as much as you would think.  Years ago it was much more expensive to make clothing, and much of it was made in North America.

Have you found anything good lately at your favourite thrift stores?


Katie and Van said...

I LOVE the chair. I'm longing for something JUST like that for Daphne. We had one growing up and I'm actually wondering what happened to it? I'm sure it's long gone and likely went to some thrift store somewhere where some happy someone found it like you :)

sarita said...

I love the chair, too! What a great find. Most of my recent finds have been for myself--3 cardigans for a couple of dollars each (perfect for fall) and a bunch of new shirts to spice up my fall wardrobe. But your chair, that takes the cake.

Deadsoul said...

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Ahshanul Hoque said...

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