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August 15, 2012

Isn't Emily's garden fabulous!  She and Mr. Emily have always had a very enviable garden.  I wish I could say that I had the same beautiful home farm at my house, but I don't even have grass out my back door.  Just dirt mixed with a little glass for good measure.  Remember how I said that my new place was awesome in many ways, but not in others?  Well the yard falls under the 'other' category.

Even if my back yard is a bit of a disappointment, at least I still have the thrift stores to cheer me up, right?  I've made a few good finds lately (including a mirror and frame that I will show off later), and I want to share my good fortune.


In New England where I live, there are some very ritzy towns.  Not mine, but I'm within an hour of Greenwich and the surrounding area.  A friend of mine convinced me to try the Goodwill in Westport, and I came back with an awesome pair of jeans.  Many of the nicest items were individually priced (since they are right to assume that designer jeans are worth more than the standard $5.99), but the highest I've seen is around $30.  I feel like that is a lot to spend on second hand clothing, but if you compare it to the original price, it's still a bargain.

I found a perfect pair of jeans for $9.99 and I'm delighted.  I'm especially delighted that I didn't spend $160 on them.  They fit well (why is it that expensive jeans fit much better than cheaper ones?), and the cut is contemporary and flattering.  I'm not thin enough to wear super skinny jeans, so slim or straight leg work better for me.


Oh, and the high waist is also a plus, so I don't have to show my underwear (or worse) every time I bend over.   

What bargains have you found recently at the thrift store?  I take great delight in a good find.  Truthfuly, I'm almost as excited to hear about my friend's finds as I am about my own. 


Kelly said...

Car, these are SUPER cute! Congrats on a sweet find...thinking I've got to make a run down to Westport sometime soon.

Emily said...

You are the queen of thrift stores. I think the last time I had success at a thrift store was when I visited you last year.

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