Family Reunion T-shirts

August 25, 2011

This past week, we attended a family reunion with my husband's family.  My husband is one of seven children, each of whom is married and has at least one child.  That makes for 36 family members all in one place!  It was my mother-in-law's fantasy to have us all in matching t-shirts, and my husband and I were placed on the t-shirt committee.

My idea when it came to the t-shirts was that if we were going to spend money on t-shirts, we should do it right, and make a shirt that people would actually wear again.  I did a bit of Internet searching, and found a design that I think is pretty cool, and not just cool for a family reunion shirt.

Image via
We chose this tree ring design by Angela Hardison, but I think most of the stuff on her site is pretty cool.  We ordered the design from the website, she sent us a pdf, and then we took it to a local printer to have it made onto t-shirts.

So, how did it turn out for us?  Here's the whole group, all in one place and wearing the same shirt:

Photograph by George McWilliams
I just did a quick search of the Internet to see if I could find any other good family reunion shirts.  I was pretty disappointed with the selection, and pretty happy with my original choice.  There must be other equally cool shirts out there though, so let me know if you find one.  There's always next summer, with the other side of the family to look forward to matching with!

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