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July 12, 2011


Emily mentioned last week that we were both at home visiting our parents.  I was just there for a week, but I managed to make it to my favourite thrift store twice during that time.  You know how they say that your first real love will always have a special place in your heart?  Well, I'm not sure I feel that way about my first serious relationship, but I do feel that way about my first favourite thrift store.

I know I've mentioned before that I've been a thrift shopper for a few years, but I have lots of fond memories from shopping at my favourite thrift store, The Post, with my best friend in junior high.  The Post and I, we go way back.  When I first starting scouring the thrift stores, I was buying a lot of vintage clothing.  Things like tops (a favourite was a screen printed Bay City Rollers tank), dresses (I showed you what I wore to my high school graduation), and let's not forget the jackets (in those days I was always on the hunt for the perfect down filled parka). 

Last week, Emily and I happened to show up on a one day sale where everything in the store was 50% off.  Fantastic!  I happily walked away with lots of good stuff and spent under $7 on the whole lot.  Here is what I picked up:

Zippers.  10 to be exact.  There was a giant basket of zippers, all for 25 cents a piece, and since they were 50% off, that made them 12.5 cents.  I picked out the most useful looking zippers (read: not the peach ones), and was happy that some were invisible, and others separate at the bottom and can be used to put in jackets.  I haven't found a thrift store anywhere else that has as reliable a selection of sewing notions, knitting needles, crocheting hooks, and patterns.  The Post is the thrifty seamstress' dream come true.   

Notions. I picked up a few packs of red piping (the theme for today seems to be red and white - a tribute to Canada I guess), and this kit for making a covered belt buckle.  I have a dress (that came from my other favourite place to shop in my hometown) that was a sample and the matching belt did not come with a buckle.  Not unless you count the paper one that they had sewn on to mock up a real buckle.  I've had the dress for years, and I've always meant to track down a kit for making a covered one.  I think I tried to buy one in NYC on my last trip to the garment district but I was deterred by the price tag.  12.5 cents seems more up my alley.  

Fabric.  The two pieces I came home with are not exciting, but remember I have two boys.  The piece on the left has tiny blue and white pinstripes, and has nice body.  I think it will make a great sunhat for the littlest man.  The blue fabric on the right is a lighter weight cotton and I have plans for it that I hope to show you on Thursday.

Shirt.  I rarely buy things for myself anymore, but I couldn't walk away from this one for $1.  It looks like something my stylish younger sister would wear, so I decided to give it a try.  I looks deceptively boxy and simple, but it's really cute on.  The other nice things is that it will be easy to replicate.  This little number is pure polyester, but I am dreaming of making it in linen to help me stay cool on these hot and humid summer days. 

Do you have any favourite thrift stores?  I personally love small town thrift stores.  They are the kind where you can find gems, and the workers are all volunteers and 70+ years old.  Those are by far my favourite.  Have you made any good finds lately?  My friend just told me this morning she picked up a Skuut balance bike for her son at a local store for $10.  Nice find (and I'm jealous by the way)!  Or are you more of a yard sale shopper?

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